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How to Earn Money with Google Adsense?

Here you will find details and comprehensive guides on tips and tricks on using Google Adsense to generate revenue. Adsense earning differs greatly from user to user. Some are generating more than $1000 per week, while some are making $0.50 only per month.

I will cover on ways to improve your Adsense earning, as well as some fundamental facts regarding Google Adsense.

What is Adsense?

If you are asking me what is Adsense, it might be a little too late, but it is better to be late rather than never.

Adsense is Google's Advertising Program, which allows website owners to publish advertisements onto their own websites or blogs. Types of ads can be in plain text, or image.

It is the current top online advertising company available worldwide, which is the most trusted company by various advertisers.

Adsense related TERMS:

Page Impressions:
A page impression is often the same as page visits. However, it might differ when a page is viewed, and Google ads do not show up.

Ad Unit Impressions:
This is basically the numbers of ads in your page that are showed, or executed. It is dependent on the numbers of ads in the page.

Whenever a visitor clicks on the ads, it is recorded as click.

Click through rate (CTR):
This is the calculated by getting your total clicks of the ad unit and divide it by the total ads impression. Higher CTR will rewards you with higher revenue.

Effective CPM:
It is the cost per 1000 impressions. However, this is NOT the total earnings. It is calculated by dividing the earnings by the number of page impressions, and multiplies the result by 1000. This is used generally to compare channel, to decide on which channel is more profitable with Adsense.

Can I use Adsense on any site?

YES. You can use Adsense on websites hosted with your own domain name, or any blogs, such as However, Adsense only host their ads on CLEAN websites. Sites with pornographic, extreme violence, sites about hacking, racial and political issues, or Adsense farming sites are strictly prohibited. Google will do routine maintenance to avoid publishing ads at such websites.

Adsense farming sites- These are sites which use a lot of search keywords, or use copied content. For example, sites which copy content from Wikipedia, or from online news portal.

What makes Google Adsense so special?

Google Adsense, with its superb technology, is able to serve targeted ads based on website visitors search.

RELEVANT CONTENT: Google will only show ads in relation to the site content, thus making the ads looks blended with the content.

GEOGRAPHICAL VARIATION: Google publish their ads in countries that are chosen by the advertiser.

TIME: Advertisers can choose when they want their ads to be displayed.

COST EFFECTIVE: By paying cost per click, the advertisers pay only when visitors click on the relevant ads, meaning that the clicks are done because the visitor would like to know more about the ads.

How to use Adsense code?

By here, you should at least have your own Adsense account. In Adsense ads setup, you will find html codes, which is then used in your own sites/blog.

Having said that, there are guidelines on how to use Google Adsense code:

1. User MUST NOT alter any part of the codes
2. Use MAXIMUM of 3 Adsense codes on a page
3. Paste your codes in the BODY TAGS of the html to allow it to run properly.
4. BE CAREFUL when using WYSIWYG, or other html editing tools. Some of the tools will alter your codes, making your ads not executable.

4 Main Ways of earning Adsense money

User can earn through CONTENT, FEEDS, SEARCH BOX, and MOBILE ADS.
1. Adsense for content
a. Most popular way, whereby content targeted ads are published onto your own site/blogs.

2. Adsense for feeds
a. Generating revenue when visitors click the ads in your feeds. Ads published are content targeted-ads.
b. More people subscribing your feeds mean more income.

3. Adsense for search
a. Place a search box in your page, and when visitor used the search box, and click an ad from the result page, you gain earnings. Search box is powered by Google.

4. Adsense for mobile
a. If your site supports mobile content, use this as an extra method to earn. However, the conventional desktop site ads will not show up.

Example of Google Ads 


STRATEGY on using Adsense:

3 main STRATEGIES are covered here: 

1. Traffic generation
2. Converting Traffic into clicks
3. Attracting high-valued Adsense ads

1. Traffic Generation 

This is indeed a HUGE topic. The ultimate purpose of a site/blog is for visitors to read. Similarly, an ad is designed by advertiser to attract customer. If the site has poor traffic, it equals to low visitor and low income. There are thousands of ways on how to drive traffic into your blogs, and they works. Here I will highlight a few important points in driving quality traffic.

- Write GOOD, QUALITY and UP-TO-DATE information.
- UPDATE your site regularly.
- ENLARGE your site circle by joining social network, friends connect, fans etc.
- Build up your Google Page Rank by building quality BACKLINKS regularly.
- Submit your site to directories, such as Technorati, Flickr, Blog Catalog etc.
- DO NOT use blog rotations site. This violates Adsense law and can get your account suspended forever.

2. Converting Traffic into clicks 

Once you have a stable traffic, now it is turn to convert your traffic into money. It can happen by converting it into clicks!

Customize your ads to look in-place with your site (not out of place). E.g. size, shape, color, positioning

3. Attracting high-valued Adsense ads 

There are some ads which are highly paid by advertiser due to competition. Some writers purposely build a blog to write about the issues or products. And with relevant Adsense ads appearing, it increases the revenue per click.


If you think this page is too long, omit the rest, BUT please, I beg you to read this if you have a Adsense account! One step wrong means you going to end your Adsense life forever.

1. DO NOT click your own ads
2. DO NOT put a text, or a notice, asking your visitor to click your ads
3. DO NOT use blog rotation sites, paid-to-click sites.
4. DO NOT put inappropriate content into your blog, such as pornography, extreme violence, hack, plagiarized content etc.
5. DO NOT alter Adsense html codes
6. DO NOT use Adsense html codes in email, pop-up, software etc.
7. AVOID using other Advertising Company.

All the above are my personal humble opinions. It may or may not work depending on your sites. Your opinions and suggestions are welcome.


Fion said...

can we put Nuffnang Ads in blog that have Google Adsense at the same time?
will this violate google's policy because of "AVOID using other Advertising Company" ;)

bongpb said...

Hi Fion, thank you for your comment. As far as I know, using Google Adsense with nuffnang WILL NOT affect your adsense account. In one of the adsense terms, it stated that publisher should not use any ads similar to adsense, meaning the ad format and text format. However, using both will affect your Nuffnang earning as Nuffnang will downgrade your member status from gliteratti to ordinary, which will reduce your earning. Thus you need to assess your site and decide which one you ant t use, or both!

Fion said...

thanks for the prompt respond~ So have received any cheques from Adsense before?

bongpb said...

Hi Fion, my total earning for Nuffnang is about RM160 so far, paid out twice! And my Adsense is ard USD10+ for the past 3 months. Just started using it.

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