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Singapore Universal Studio Trip 2011


Singapore Universal Studio
This is a brief guide and personal experience of touring Universal Studio, Singapore in September 2011. My wife and I had a fun and amazing experience in Singapore Universal Studio. We booked our Universal Studio Package online via their official site, which gave us further 20% off for the tickets. 

If you would like to know Singapore Universal Studio entrance fees/rates, please go to their official site:

How to go to Universal Studio, Singapore
It might be a pain if you have not been to Singapore before. However, MRT and bus services are extremely good. 
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From any MRT station, take the MRT to Harbour Front Station. From there, look for bus Number RWS and it will bring you to Sentosa Resort in 10 minutes time.

Singapore Universal Studio Map

Singapore Universal Studio Attractions:
Singapore Universal Studio officially opens at 10am. However, we arrived slightly earlier at 9:15am, and it was a good start to reach early. We shot a few photos with the signature Universal Studio globe at the entrance. Because it is early, there were no crowd thus making photo taking easier.

The queue started to build up when at 9:30am and the gate opens at around 9:45am. Immediately we entered and started playing each attraction.

There are many attractions in Universal Studio Singapore which I will not list all of them here. The first on our left is Madagascar: Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. In fact it is mainly a family ride in which you can bring your children and sit in the board and enjoy the story.

After exploring Madagascar for an hour or so, we proceed to Jurassic Park, in which one can enjoy thrill rides, and also family rides, namely Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. One of the attractions here was still under renovation while we were there. Along the path there are many restaurants and stalls available to quench your thirst. Food and beverages are not cheap, you may want to bring your own drinking water although outside food and drinks are not allowed.

Then we came to The Mummy! This was the first thrill ride we played on that morning. We were required to put our belongings in the lockers as we were not allowed to carry any bags for the high speed ride. As for the locker, it is free for the first 20 minutes. In conclusion, the ride is AMAZING! You get to sit in a high speed roller coaster in the dark and enjoy various exciting scene. However, if your spouse or partners do not like thrill ride, please don’t try this!

 This was what happened if your spouse couldn't stand thrill ride!

Apart from playing different themed-attractions, we were in fact taking brisk walk along the path and taking photos. Classic cars which date back to 1950s, old buildings are favorite spot for photo taking.
 Shrek's House

In addition, there are live shows available at specific time, such as Water World etc. In Water World, the seats are allocated as dry, partially wet and wet. For the first few rows, the audience will definitely get wet while enjoying the show. However, no photographing and video taking are allowed during the live shows. 

At 4.00pm, we managed to finish about 90% of all Universal Studio attractions and shows. The other 10% is extreme thrill rides in which I dare not try again with my wife.

To our surprise, Singapore Universal Studio job opening was a real success, with almost 99% of the live show performance was done by foreigners who speak excellent English.

In short, if you have a chance to visit Singapore, please do not miss Universal Studio. You can purchase your entrance pass online to avoid queuing up for hours just for the tickets.

Official Singapore Universal Studio site:


Richard Ling said...

that place really a boring place to me.

bongpb said...

Thanks for your comment. Well probably you have been to more exciting places which I have not, but I did enjoyed my stay and had a new experience there.

air ticket booking Singapore said...

There's a lot to see in Universal Studios and kids and the kids-at-heart will definitely have a memorable visit there. The Mummy is a great ride :D

Korean Filming Locations said...

I also know some people who think USS is boring but to me, it is really where all the fun lies. :)

But then people are entitled to their own opinions. :)Perhaps you can try visiting South Korea?

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