Wednesday, 7 September 2011

FREE RM125 Google Adwords Voucher

Recently in August 2011, to my surprise I received a letter from Google, Hong Kong. Immediately I opened the envelope and guess what was that? Yes, Google in fact sent me a RM125 Google Adwords voucher! 

If you do not know what is Google Adwords, it is the best online advertising company for now. It can be used to advertise various products, or sites as long as the landing sites comply with its policies. With its strict policies, advertisers are willing to spend more in order to advertise their sites, products.

Advertisers are charged in 2 ways, first by pay per click, and secondly by impressions. Pay per clicks simply means that advertisers are charged only if their ads are clicked. Pay by impressions means advertisers pay a certain amount of fees when the ads are viewd 1000 times.

Yes, RM125 Google Adwords Voucher, with the respective name and code attached. you need the code to redeem the voucher. If you do not have a Adwords account, you need to register one account and activation fees is RM40. In total, you will get RM165 for this particular registration with only RM40.

Adwords is useful in generating hits, traffic, sales, leads etc, and Google Adwords is the most reliable and trustworthy online advertising ever. If advertisers violate Google's policy in any ways, their acoount will be suspended forever.

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