Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fusion Grill, Kuching

Fusion Grill, Kuching, located at Brighton Square, Kucing offers a wide variety of western food. It is located near to Howdy and Zotel, which you can't normally see from the main road.

Where is Fusion Grill, Kuching?

With my last visit to the restaurant  last week, the first impression was that the restaurant is clean, and we were welcomed by their friendly staff. Though it was already 6:30pm on a Saturday evening, there weren't many customers and we select the seats next to the entrance. 

Temporary menu, and some of the food were not available at that time.

 Spaghetti, served with garlic bread. Though small portion, but tasted quite good. Can have a score of 8/10.

Chicken Cordon Bleu, I don't usually eat this in other restaurant, but I strongly suggest this when you have a chance to visit Fusion Grill. The fired chicken was stuffed with ham, and served with large portion of vegetables and salad. 

Pizza, with its special and unique flavor, taste equally good.

As I am abscess with caffeine, the coffee was just another normal coffee, similar like what you can have in any coffee shop in Kuching. 

Overall, a pleasant experience having my dinner at Fusion Grill, Kuching. Will pay a second visit in the future to try new food!  

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