Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sarawak FORTE Club Mega TT - 2.9.2012

On 2 September, it was a great breakthrough by Sarawak FORTE Club (SFC) administration and members to have their largest MEGA TT since the establishment of their club in 2011. From a mere 7 members back in Dec 2011, the club has grown to more than 200 members in just 9 months. 

From the theme 'One Forte, One Family', it draws one-of-the-KIA-best-selling-car to a closer relationship to people from all walks of lives, not only limited to young car enthusiasts, but also family people. Members consists of students, young working adult, middle age and even some senior citizens. It proves that KIA Forte is a car suitable for all ages. 

During the event at Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching, more than 50 Forte drivers with their beloved cars present to support the events. Not only for members, public were also joining actively during the games session and automotive workshop. 

Below are some photos taken during the SFC MEGA TT. 

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This is the FORTE project car by one of the active members. Heavily modified with not only performance items, but also on custom body kits, and high end car audio system. 

Custom side skirt with fibre and wide body kits. 

Powered by Mohawk, the entire car audio system sound superb. 

Some of the show cars parked right at the new wing of Boulevard Shopping Mall. On the left is a Forte with RSR body kits and custom front grill. On the right is Forte with Koup bumper.  

On the right is a test drive car by Yu Le Hong (YLH), authorised Kuching Kia dealer. 

White Forte with NEFD front bumper. 

Forte with Airmaster Bodykits, Roadrun front grill and DRL. 

Black glossy Forte with NEFD bumper, intercooler and projector headlamp. 

Black glossy Forte with NEFD bumper, intercooler and projector headlamp. 

Red Koup with 19 inch rims. 

Photo shooting session at Trivillion. (Estimated of 40 Forte or more)

Final station of convoy, 4 Mile Petronas Station. Thanks to the boss for their FREE $10 Petronas voucher. 

Custom original headlamp with transformer ring. 

Custom original headlamp with transformer ring and 3D K logo. 

To see more photos and updates on events on Sarawak Forte Club, please visit their official site at:
Sarawak Forte Club on Facebook

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Nick said...

forte team!

Lisa Reena said...

Nice rides! Nowadays (especially today) you can get rides just as sweet. You just gotta know Whatchuwant.


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