Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Maltese Puppy - Babie

My McDonald Bear become her toy~~

She is hyperactive !!!

Zzzzzz on my lap

Sleeping in her home~~

Just to show some of my Babie's photo shot. She is currently a 6-month-old puppy, around 5 kg. :D She was only 900g when I first bought her for RM450.

We have difficulty in teaching her where to pee initially, she peed everywhere in the house. >:[ But after few months of training, currently she will go to her cage and pee, what a great encouragement for us. (at least no need to clean up the mess every time after her business)

She eat pedigree canned food, which is specially made for puppy, and she likes milky stick very much (a kind of "junk" food for dog). Besides, she likes to eat fruits as well, including Durian !! OMG..


cik zatil said...

she's look really sweet!!!

she ate durian?? wow! very malaysian haa..hehehe

Peter said...

oh ya,she loves fruits,and especially way to stop her when we r eating,she will keep jumping and jumping until you give

DC said...

Perhaps you could changed her dog food to other brands?

Canidae and Solid Gold are definitely better.

Doug said...

She's a beaut.


So cute... Merry X-mas to u!

Cortana Lain said...

She is such a cute puppy! And the article about her shows the care. There is also a organic pet food company you may like to check out for your baby. You can find them online, the company's name is Blue Buffalo, the website is This I use, occasionally for my little ones.

Anonymous said...

被人揭下面具是一種失敗,自己揭下面具卻是種勝利。 ..................................................

MrDennis said...

Hi, Can you introduce some Maltese puppy to me? Leave me a message.


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