Monday, 13 August 2012

Free Online SUDOKU Game

Many of us are familiar with the name Sudoku. However, not everyone is willing to accept the challenge to start drilling Sudoku due to the fact that it requires active ma thematic and logic thinking. 

Origin of Sudoku
As opposed to the popular belief that Sudoku was invented by Japanese, it was first created by Howards Garns(Indiana) in 1979. Sudoku became popular only in 1986 through a Japanese puzzle company, Nikoli, and was named Sudoku since then. In 2005, Sudoku in fact has reached internationally and become one of the most-played game, either online, on paper, video console, handheld console and others. offers online Sudoku games with different difficulty. One can opt to play with various difficulty according to your own strength. For beginners, I would suggest start with Easy.

Once you have selected an empty slot, left click and a circle of numbers from 1-9 will appear, select your desire numbers and that's it! :)

Stuck with the current game? Don't worry, you can always choose to restart, undo, save it for next round, or even share it with your fellow Sudoku addicts to complete the task together. 

Try it now!

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