Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pirate Ray - No 1 Anonymous Torrent Downloader

Downloading using torrent has become so popular nowadays, be it music, movie, games, software eBooks and etc. However, one must always bear in mind the risk of copyright infringement, in which unauthorised downloading from torrent can get you in court and haunt you for the rest of your life. 

In 2006, 25 illegal downloaders were caught red-handed at home while peer-to-peer sharing files. Highest penalty so far is 4 years in prison or fine SGD250k. This could happen anywhere, and any time and I can assure you you only realise when the cops come knocking at your door.

What is Pirate ray?
What if you decided to continue to use torrent, but don't wanna get caught, then you are at a right site where I can direct you to secure file downloading using Pirate ray. You can hide your IP and download as anonymous torrent. 

Why Pirate Ray?

Free Trial 
Be fast, for a limited time, Pirate Ray is offering free trial downloading, get a taste of it and decide later whether you want to purchase or not. 

Guaranteed Complete Anonymity
Protects your IP, and country of origin so that no one can track your activities. 

No storage from Pirate ray
As mentioned, Pirate Ray does not keep any confidential information from the clients, and will refuse/reject any attempts to retrieve personal information of the clients.

User Friendly
Easy interface for any beginners in torrent. :)

High Speed and Unlimited bandwidth
No speed restriction, can go as high as you can.

Encrypted Data Transfer
Every upload or download is protected, no data leakage. 

Easy + Secure + Safe @ $4.99 only
With $4.99, it protects your sleep and your worry of downloading torrent, what are you waiting for?

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