Friday, 26 October 2012

Xandaro - Free Scheduling Software for Salons and Spa

It’s never an easy task to manage a company, a shop, or any kind of business by your own. Still manage your booking systems via phone and write them down in a big thick books? Nowadays, with the advancement of internet and telecommunication, people are using thousands of management software in different industries to help sort out the appointment system, cash flow, customers’ records etc. Of course it comes not at a cheap price to buy a copy of the management software. If you don’t have a proper online booking system by now, you should start working on it and get it done while your competitors are already on the run.

Now, if you are in a Salons and Spa industry, and you have problem managing your current business, why not try out this FREE Software for Salons and Spa, Xandaro. Yes, it’s completely free to download. If you already have a working system right now, do not worry, you can still download this copy as an adjunct management to synergize with your current one.

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Why Xandaro?

FREE Service – ABSOLUTELY no hidden cost

Online Booking & Management – for both the workers, as well as the customers in which they can change their appointment upfront online

Easy-to-use interface – user friendly interface, which makes it easier to use for people from all ages

Various Calendar viewer systems for easy viewing and management – detail can be adjusted by dates, times, duration, types of service and many more.

Secure storage of important information – All records stored via cloud technology at Amazon AWS.

Access from anywhere you like – Connect to cloud to access all your records from anywhere as long as there is Internet connection.

Smart phone app - available

Wait, you don’t run any Salons or Spa business? Well, you can still use Xandora for any services which require booking and scheduling system. 

How to start?
To start testing the software, you must first go to their official site, and register an account for free. With that account, then you can proceed using the scheduling software. 

Still not convinced on how the software works? Why not keep them busy by dropping them an email below?

Official Site:           

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Ramkumar subbaiah said...

I have been looking for information relating to this topic for a
very long time to improve my salon. Thanks for the info!
Will share this with my team members as well.

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